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The Journey

The Journey What is the Journey?

With so many men going to M24 and many of them giving their lives over to Jesus, we needed a discipleship program that would train men to follow Jesus daily. We needed to grow these men in their walk with Jesus. We called on our friends at “Influencers.” We started the study call “The Journey,” and we meet Fridays at 6:00am. Over 1000 men have learned how to be self feeders and spend time with Jesus daily. We are seeing transformation of entire families because the man is becoming the spiritual leader of the home. Three hundred men meet every Friday morning at 6:00am and on Tuesdays at 6:00pm to learn more about Jesus. We hear music, a nugget, and we break into groups of 10-25 men for small group discussions. This has been the backbone of all the M stuff as it brings men to God’s word where we grow and go. Go out and lead our friends to Jesus just like the one who invited or asked us to attend.