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M24 Campout

M24 Yearly

This is the original event that ever took place. It was designed to take men away for 24 hours and see what condition the hearts of ordinary men really are. Men leave the home and spend 24 hours with other men who are trying to imitate Christ. The 24 hours goes by fast but many things are highlights. The most talked about time is at the cross. This is where men get a chance to refresh others with words of affirmation on how they have impacted one another’s lives for Christ. Men simply give an orange to another in appreciation for “living it out!” Many times we ask the men to leave their “stuff” at the cross. Jesus died for all our sins and too often we keep carrying the sin around. Leaving it at the foot of the cross is symbolic of choosing to give the sin up and flee from it.

Another highlight is the bracelet ceremony. Men are asked to stand and come forward and be bold professing that they are men of God. When asked they shout “absolutely.” Men all over Bakersfield are wearing their “MAN OF GOD” bracelets as a sign of their proud faith in Jesus Christ. Mens' lives are changed in this 24 hour period like no other 24 hours. Men discover that the closer they get in the proximity of Jesus, their lives change.

Due to CoVid-19, M24 is Postponed to October 2-3, 2021

It will be 24 hours of fun, community, and spiritual growth. The campout will start at noon on Saturday, and go until noon on Sunday. Lunch will be served at noon on Saturday.

Date: TBD
Time: Saturday at noon to Sunday at noon
Location: 14 Garces Highway, Woody, CA 93287

Things to Bring:

  • Tent, trailer, or RV
  • Sleeping bag
  • Camping chair (if you have one)
  • Pillow
  • Flashlight

We'll Provide:

  • Meals
  • Beverages
  • Portable toilets

Things to remember:

  • The campout is on whether it's rain or shine, so prepare for both.
  • Lunch will be served at noon on Saturday
  • Games start at 12:30pm and fill-up quickly
  • You probably won't have mobile phone reception, and if you do the service will be spotty.
  • Unless you're bringing an RV or trailer, you won't have power.


Google Maps Directions

From the South
Take CA-99 North to the CA-65/Porterville Hwy exit
Head North on CA-65/Porterville Hwy for 25.6 mi
Turn East on CA-155/Garces Highway and follow for 9.1 mi
Enter through the gate on the South side of the road at the M24 sign
Proceed on the dirt road (slowly please) and follow the M24 signs for 2.6 mi

From the North
Take CA-99 South to the CA-155/Ellington St exit
Turn South on CA-155/Ellington St
Turn East on CA-155 and follow for 20.1 mi
Enter through the gate on the South side of the road at the M24 sign
Proceed on the dirt road (slowly please) and follow the M24 signs for 2.6 mi

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