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M6 Barbecue

M6 Monthly

This event happens once a month on Monday nights. Men, meal, Monday, meet, in a backyard to hear a story of a messed up man who gives his life over to Jesus and now his world is turned upside down. He shares how his life was one way (messed up), then he let his pride go and realized his need for a savior and now his life is changed.

This event was started to have men meet in a comfortable, non church setting (a backyard) so they could bring their friends and have great food, music and a real life story. So, men meet every month and every time the story amazes you of how God changes lives. The Barbecue was created after a mountain top experience and we want to keep the hunger for Jesus as ongoing not just on the mountain. This is a huge outreach as guys feel comfortable and safe to bring friends who may have never even stepped foot in a church but would come to something in a backyard and see how men have changed from the inside out.