Our Mission:

Disciple all God's people to
chase after Jesus daily

A Message From the Director

"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others."
2 Timothy 2:2

"...I think it's key that we as Christians not only know God's word, but pass it on to others. That's why we're here."
Les Pearsey, Director

Coming Together Events & Gathering

Influencers of Bakersfield hosts and gathers for several different events throughout the year, both in and outside of Bakersfield.

The Journey - weekly

A weekly discipleship meeting for men where we encourage and help one another grow in our walk with Jesus.


M24 Campout - Yearly

A yearly retreat that allows men to be men, refresh and connect with other men and leave their "stuff" at the cross.


M6 Barbecure - monthly

A monthly get-together for men who want to eat good food and hear a real life story of how God changes lives.


Romance Weekend

Experience truly amazing transformations in the hearts of husbands and wives.



A group of 12 men from different walks of life meeting once a week to eat good food and live life together.



Turning others toward God, instead of away from Him.
Putting God at the center of your life brings a dramatic change to you & your family. #influencersbako #bakersfield #ministry #kerncounty https://t.co/UVp3VcoqDY
You might not know what your future holds, but rest assured in WHO holds your future.
#influencersbako #bakersfield #ministry #kerncounty https://t.co/r82x3FfIAX
Fear is a normal human response, but God gives us rest and peace to replace fear. #influencersbako #bakersfield #ministry #kerncounty https://t.co/V6RTEVXgj9
What are your priorities? What are you putting at the center of your life?
#influencersbako #bakersfield https://t.co/bgVGklh4vt
Most of us have a "wake up call" at some point in life. What's yours?
#influencersbako #bakersfield https://t.co/joKjSVvl9g

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